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Poem on raksha bandhan in english

Poem on raksha bandhan in english :-> Sure! Here’s a poem on Raksha Bandhan in English:

Poem on raksha bandhan in english Bond of Love

In the realm of love, a sacred thread, A promise of protection, a bond widespread. Brother and sister, hand in hand, A connection so strong, forever will stand.

On this auspicious day, the siblings unite, With hearts filled with joy and faces bright. The sister ties a rakhi, a thread so pure, A symbol of love that will endure.

Brother, the protector, with a smile, Promises to shield through every trial. In good times and bad, come what may, He’ll be by her side, come what may.

Memories of childhood, they reminisce, Cherishing the moments they used to miss. Laughter and fights, love and care, A bond so beautiful, beyond compare.

Through distance and time, the love remains, Even when they’re apart, the bond sustains. In each other’s hearts, they reside, The love they share, a forever guide.

Raksha Bandhan, a celebration of affection, A reminder of love’s eternal connection. Brother and sister, forever entwined, In this bond of love, their souls aligned.

So, on this special day, let’s all cheer, For this beautiful bond we hold dear. Happy Raksha Bandhan, let love prevail, In this journey of life, we’ll sail!

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