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Independence day quotes in marathi

Independence day quotes in Marathi :->Here are a few Independence Day quotes in Marathi:

Independence Day quotes in Marathi

  1. “स्वतंत्रतेच्या मनात रक्ताचं घेतलं, आजादीच्या पर्वानी फुलतलेलं आपलं मन, जय हिंद!” Translation: “Having soaked the mind with the blood of freedom, our hearts bloom on the occasion of independence. Jai Hind!”
  2. “आजादीच्या रंगात सुख-शांती वाटतात, म्हणजे आपल्याला जीवनातल्या सर्व स्वप्ने मिळू द्यायला हव्या!” Translation: “In the colors of independence, there is peace and happiness. That means giving life to all our dreams.”
  3. “स्वतंत्रतेच्या प्रेरणात आणि बलात, भारतीय जनतेचं उद्देश धरण्याची पाकळी सुरू होत आहे.” Translation: “Inspired and strengthened by the spirit of freedom, the Indian people have begun the journey towards their goal.”
  4. “स्वतंत्रतेच्या दिवसात, आपल्या मनातले सर्व सपने साकार होवोत.” Translation: “On the day of independence, all the dreams within our hearts come true.”
  5. “भारताच्या स्वतंत्रतेच्या वीरयात आणि संकल्पनात, जीवनातल्या सर्व धडकने आपल्याला विश्वास देऊन जातात.” Translation: “In the valor and determination of India’s independence, all the heartbeats of life give us confidence.”

Remember, these translations are provided to give you the essence of the quotes in Marathi. If you’re sharing these quotes, make sure to maintain the cultural and linguistic nuances.

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