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Independence day shayari in English

Independence Day Shayari in English :-> This Shayari feel you happy and make you proud of yourself

Independence Day Shayari in English

On this August fifteenth, our spirits soar high,
A day of freedom, beneath the azure sky.
With hearts full of pride, we stand hand in hand,
Celebrating our nation, a united land.

From struggles and sacrifices, we emerged strong,
A melody of freedom, a triumphant song.
Let’s cherish the progress, the journey we’ve made,
In the tapestry of India, our dreams are laid.

With colors of unity, we paint the horizon,
In the realm of freedom, our hearts beat as one.
Let’s remember the heroes, their courage untold,
As the story of India’s pride continues to unfold.

“Celebrating freedom, on this August morn,
A nation’s rebirth, a new era born.
With hearts held high and spirits united,
In the tapestry of India, dreams ignited.

The tricolor flag, waves with pride,
A symbol of sacrifice, on this journey-wide.
From struggle to strength, we’ve come so far,
Under the same sky, every shining star.

Let’s honor the heroes who paved the way,
Their legacy lives on in every display.
As we mark this day with joy and cheer,
In the story of India, hope is crystal clear.

Happy Independence Day!”

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